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It’s all about Balance

Hello all! In an earlier post I talked about yoga being the ‘stilling of the changing states of the mind.’ Consider now all the different emotions and states of mind we can go through in [...]

Avoiding junk, staying healthy!

My friend’s daughter recently moved to the US to study, and her change in diet - to eating more refined, processed foods - has caused her to complain of ill health. This is a problem [...]

Mindful Eating

Hello everyone! In our modern world, we tend to fill up our lives with continuous conversations and simultaneous activities. When we get a free moment, we reach over to check the phone. We go online [...]

Essentials of Healthy Pantry!

Hi fellow health nuts! The best way to adopt a holistic way of eating is to be well-stocked: a ready pantry makes it easier to make healthy, wholesome meals in a pinch! I often get [...]