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Why buy organic products?
When you buy organic products, you help to keep the earth’s air, water and soil free from dangerous pesticides and chemicals – you make a conscious choice to eat well and to treat the earth well. Organic foods contains higher level of nutrients, low pesticides and, above all, they taste great.
What does ‘certified organic’ mean?
A grower or processor is ‘certified organic’, when Agricultural Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) accredited public or private Certification Agency has verified that the business meets the standards set forth as per said Organic Standards.
What are the main international organic standard?
National Standards for Organic Programme – India
National Organic Programme – USA
European Organic Rules – Euro 2092/91
Are they useful in proving authenticity of organic produce?
They are very useful in proving the authenticity of organic produce, as certfification under these organic standards means that the farms and facilities have been inspected by the third party certifying agency and random samples of products, soil and water have been taken and tested. This also means having elaborate internal control systems and documentation.
What is vegan? What vegan products do you have?
Any product that uses no ingredients derived from animals is considered vegan. That is, products VOId Of meat, dairy and/or honey.
List below: Breakfast Oars Cookies / Cranberry Oats Cookies / Lime Chia Bar / Nut e Seeds Crackers / Tomato Herbs Hax Crackers / Omega Seed Mix / Active Flax Seeds Fruit 4 Nut Trail Mix Active Sunflower Seeds / Onion PChha / Wasabi Poha
Isn’t it bad to eat nuts in the summer?
This is a huge myth created due to the fact that nuts tend to get spoilt when left out in the heat. But today, this is not an issue due to proper storage methods.
As long as nuts are stored in a cool & dry place, they contain essential properties that our bodies need all year round!
What do you mean by ‘gluten-free’?
Gluten refers to the protein found in some specific grains like wheat, barley, etc. It acts as a glue that holds food together. Gluten-free food is specifically necessary for people with allergic reactions to Gluten or suffering from Celiac disease. For others, a small amount of Gluten is actually essential to their diet.
What is a ketogenic diet? Do you have keto-friendly products?
A ketogenic diet refers to a low carb, high fat diet. It is meant to retrain your body to burn fat for energy. rather than carbohydrates, which in the long term helps you loose weight. Yes. we have some products with higher fat Content than carb content. List below: Nut & Seeds Crackers / Honey Roasted Walnuts / Honey Roasted Almonds / Omega Seed MIX / Acnve Sunfiogær Seeds
What is paleo-friendly products?
A paleo-friendly diet consists of eating only unprocessed foods such as nuts & seeds. processed grains such as wheat, barley, etc, are not consumed. We have many products fit for this diet. Our entire Nuts range and Seeds range work perfectly!
What do you mean by organic certification?
A product is referred to as certified organic only if at least Of the ingredients are organically produced. This means no chemical fertilisers or pesticides are used. All our products use some organic ingredients, but to check for the certified products, please look for the “India Organic” logo on the packaging.
List below: Arnla Bar / Apricot Bar / Active Flax Seeds / Active Sunflower Seeds Amaranth Muesl’ Brown Rice Snacks / Honey Roasted Almonds Honey Roasted Cashews Honey Roasted Walnuts Activate Windows Go to Settings to activate Windows.
Why does package say ‘no added sugar’ when sugar content is reported in the back?
Most foods have naturally occuring sugars Our products are sweetened by mainly raisins, dates and organic honey
Are the products fried or cooked with oil?
NO, nothing is fried. Most Of Our products are baked/roasted to preserve nutrients in their original form, so you can receive maximum benefit from these high quality ingredients. Only our Cookies range, Snacks range and Crackers range uses minimal Oil during baking. These are still very healthy oils for the body.
List below: Breakfast Oats Cookies: Olive Oil Fig Amaranth Cookies: Olive Oil / Oats Cranberry Cookies: Coconut Oil / Chocolate Coconut Cookies; Rice Bran Oil / Almond Buckwheat Cookies.’ Rice gran Oil / grown Rice Snacks: Olive Oil / Onion Poha Rice Bran Oil / Wasabi Poha: Rice Bran Oil / Nut Seeds Crackers: Olive Oil / Tomato & Herbs Flax cracker: Olive oil
Why are your cookies so soft? Why are your crackers so crumbly?
To maintain maximum health. we do not use any conventional flour-based or unnatural binding agents to hold together ingredients.<>
Some of your products are very high in calories, why?
Most of our wholesome ingredients, specifically healthy Nuts, tend to be naturally high in calories. These healthy calories help fill you up so you are able to avoid unhealthy calories through the day. For calorie light, try our Lean Muesli!
What is ‘active’ in your flaxseed or sunflower seeds?
Our process of washing and dehydration helps maintain and activate the nutrients in the seeds in order for your body to be able to absorb them better
This product is pricey for the quantity i am receiving. Why?
We do not compare ourselves to mass market brands that give you larger quantities of food with minimal to no qualities. At Nourish Organics, we fill our box With so many Qualities, that your body will feel the difference after consistent use. We focus on providing the best ingredients generously in each package, so that you are able to receive all of the medicinal health benefits and overall goodness. Your body will thank you!