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Conceptualised by our trailblazer-in-chief Seema Jindal, Nourish Organics was founded with a vision to make healthy food delicious and accessible. Seema, a certified health coach, an avid believer in the goodness of plant-based nutrition, and a habitual clean-eater, started our product range in 2008 as one of the first (and only) Indian brands focused on providing clean, all-natural, ready-to-eat products.

There’s a lot more to the story, of course! 

Our Origin:

In 2008, Seema Jindal opened the doors to Delhi’s very first raw café. The café was truly one of its kind, serving fresh green smoothies and fruit juices at a time when the market was flooded with fruit concentrates and artificially flavoured drinks. 80% of the offerings were raw, and the ingredients were organic, natural, and unprocessed. Also at the café was the Nourish Organics range of breakfast cereals in its very first avatar, freshly made and available in dispensers for customers to purchase. 

The shift to packaged products: 

When two close members of her family were diagnosed with cancer, Seema started recognising the importance of organic food that was readily available and accessible. Through her experiences at the café, Seema realised that more and more people were looking for healthy, ready-to-eat options like bars and cookies. 

At the time, healthy, organic, and truly natural foods were far and few. What was available was packed with flavour boosters and artificial ingredients that did more harm than good. Seema realised that there was a gap in the market, and so, Nourish Organics was created to fill this gap. 

The very first breakfast bar!

Seema took her breakfast routine and turned it into Nourish Organics’ very first health bar: the Apple Cinnamon Bar! Seema started her mornings with active seeds, organic nuts, juicy dates, and fresh fruit. With the Apple Cinnamon Bar, all these ingredients and more were combined into one neat little bar. This bar packed 3 types of seeds and 4 types of whole nuts along with essential vitamins and minerals— all in the correct and recommended quantities.  

So, how organic is organic? 

Yep…it’s tough to go 100% organic. Besides the trickle-down price factor, not every type of ingredient is certified organic. So, Seema decided early-on that Nourish Organics would follow a simple rule: go organic as much as possible. Many of our products are 100% certified organic, while the rest all contain organic ingredients at different quantities. All our ingredients are lab tested to ensure that they’re free of pesticides or harmful chemicals. In-house testing has shown that most ingredients we source are organic, but we never label them “organic” unless we receive proper certification! 

The more, the merrier

Your body needs a variety of clean, wholesome ingredients to keep it running smoothly. You’ll never find just 3 ingredients in our products, because we create them based on recommended doses of each ingredient. That means we won’t pack a bar with higher-than-recommended levels of each ingredient used. If you’re eating a bar that contains 80% cashews, chances are that your body will find it too difficult to break down and digest, storing it as fat instead. 

You feel energised after eating a Nourish Organics health bar because we pack a mean punch into it, using a variety of real ingredients that provide your body with a combination of plant proteins, omega-3s, essential vitamins & minerals, natural fibre, and antioxidants.