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//Tribe story 007//
There’s just sNOw stopping Tribe member Prerna Dangi, an adventure enthusiast whose passion is climbing every possible surface— rocks, ice, and everything in between. She stands by the motto that climbing is more about the process than about the destination; it’s her very own mechanism to gain courage — be it to break into scary routes or break stereotypes. A delhi-based outdoor guide, Prerna has experienced climbing different peaks across the world, but her heart lies in the mighty Himalayas. Prerna also loves her cup of coffee right after a tough climb, especially when it’s accompanied by our Alma Bar! Prerna has been a member of the #nourishtribe since 2010 & has shared nourishment with her adventure partners, as well as on a women’s health drive in remote parts of India. Here’s hoping Prerna keeps climbing higher and higher, and inspires us to make our own path in the world!
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