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Combatting lifestyle disorders with organic food

Taking a step forward in a direction not yet explored, this blog is a tad personal. It’s about you. It’s about me. It’s about us. And it’s about dear zindagi (life).

 While reading this blog, let’s first glance at our way of life, shall we? Let’s start in reverse, from the night before. Tired and late, we come home, too fatigued to cook or even remove our shoes and arrange clothes for the next day. Exhausted, we wash up, probably buy snacks online if we still have the energy to look into the phone and almost fall asleep on the couch waiting for the order to come. When it does, we eat straight out of the box and leave it on the kitchen platform for the maid to clean up the next morning. Grossly lacking sleep, we still brave the eyes and check social media before bed. 7 hours of sleep? What kind of hilarious concept is that! Late for work, we oversleep snoozing the alarm and rush to office somehow pulling ourselves together. Grab a coffee on-the-go and that’s pretty much breakfast. At lunch, we grab whatever we find in the cafeteria ignoring the body’s plea for actual food. Evening strikes and so does our 100th cup of caffeine. Call off time and the same cycle, yet again. Sounds familiar? We are millennials after all.

That slight kick of guilt that you felt while reading this is your body and mind telling you to wake up. To take care. To be conscious. To start living a quality life. And that’s exactly what we’re here to discuss.

Dear millennial, it’s time you took zindagi seriously. And it all starts from an outlook and a choice. A choice to cleanse and preserve your body and mind from within.

Our Vedas mention how the body and mind can be kept healthy and happy through clean, organic eating. When we’re mindful of what we consume we’ll automatically be mindful of what we let our body and mind go through. In the growing age of fast food, processed food and on-the-go meals, what we truly need is saatvik, organic and wholesome food to give the body the nutrition it grossly lacks owing to this fast paced urban life. Lifestyle disorders like insomnia, lethargy, travel fatigue, stress are all related to one very simple aspect- FOOD.

A daily dose of essential vitamins like A, C and D, protein, carbs, roughage are all important to keep the body fueled and running. And these can be got only from eating clean and natural. Simple home cooked food is the savior of the day and at least two home cooked meals enriched with protein isn’t a bargain you can win. These meals should ideally be lunch and dinner with a sufficient portion of protein and healthy carbs, as breakfast nutrients one can get through other sources. These include organic breakfast bowl options like, amaranth muesli with skimmed milk, organic granola with almond milk, avocado toast sprinkled with flax seeds and a side of boiled eggs for your daily dose of omega 3s, oatmeal pancakes, organic poha, brown egg omelettes with a bowl of fruit, the options are endless. Muesli, granola etc are a rich source of roughage and energy, while seed trail mixes keep the heart and liver healthy with omega 3s and 6s.

The naturally occurring nutrients in organic food options such as these are completely unadulterated and provide us with 100% health. Which is why the body is able to digest them easily and generate the necessary amount of energy needed to keep us running through the day. When enough energy in the form of blood reaches the brain, it not only keeps one physically fit by preventing fatigue, but also keeps mental health strong by keeping stress and overwork at bay. Thus, when you reach home, despite a tiresome day at work, you will still have a smile and some positive energy left to perhaps hit the gym or do some evening yoga. And you will by default want to consume simple, home-cooked food over packaged, unhealthy take-away.

Clean and organic food habits coupled with a regular exercise regime is your key to a happy and healthy life. Try incorporating any form of exercise in your daily routine. Be it, yoga, zumba, gym, dance, swimming or even a brisk walk in the park. Keep the blood and endorphins flowing. Keep that heart smiling!

Starting a new routine this way won’t be easy, let’s be honest. But dear millennial here’s to trying! It all comes with one conscious choice. One conscious decision, and you know you can make it!

Healthy, wholesome breakfast, home-cooked food and exercise are the only three ingredients you need to live life afresh. To battle lifestyle disorders that plague the body and mind. To make happy a way of life.

Give it a try for a month and let your body decide, what say? We’d love to hear your experience in the comments section below!

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