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Do we hate calories? 

No! We only hate empty calories. All natural foods have calories, and some foods like nuts are actually quite high in calories. Does this mean you shouldn’t consume them? Not at all! These calories are nutrient filled and can be processed by the body easily. Empty calories come from foods containing refined sugar, concentrates and highly processed foods (like maida). 


Yes, we spelt it wrong, and if you noticed, good job! You are reading! This is exactly what we ask. Take a moment to flip the box of the next item you pick up from the grocery store, and read the ingredients. If there’s things that you cannot pronounce or do not understand, it’s probably been contaminated with preservatives, additives and chemical foods. At nourish organics, we encourage you to Ing(read)ients always. Don’t eat what you can’t read!

Note: Ingredients are always written in descending order, so the ingredient mentioned first is present in highest quantity while the ingredient written last is in least quantity. Don’t be fooled by the front of the box; if they’re advertising nuts, make sure to check if there are enough of them in there! At Nourish, we promise high quality in large quantity. 

“No added sugar” = good news? 

When you become a label reading customer, you’ll notice how much B.S. companies sell to you! No added sugar means that additional sugar has not been added to the product - but don’t forget to read the ingredients! Here you will find 2 types of sugar, one is the kind that naturally exists in wholefoods, the other is the kind that might have been added to the ingredient itself for preservation & longevity of the item. An example of the second kind are concentrates - a big no-no. 

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Nourish Organics is a truly healthy food brand that aims to make nutrition easily available to the busy urban consumer. Your health is our utmost priority! We have a wide selection of products that can be incorporated into your diet throughout the dayWith keen attention to quality and great taste, we make health not only easy, but lots of fun! Follow us on Instagram, @nourish.organics, and check out our website, www.nourishorganics.in/ for more info. 

Hope you enjoyed getting nourished with us!

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