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Amaranth: it’s a tiny grain with a history that can be traced back to ancient
civilizations and a nutritional profile that competes with some of the world’s healthiest superfoods. It’s also a key grain used in our healthy ready-to-eat products!

Meet Amaranth: the star whole grain that’s been around since ancient times yet continues to shine!

Micronutrients, macro benefits Amaranth contains a host of important micronutrients like manganese, which helps with brain function, muscle-strengthening magnesium, and phosphorus, a nutrient that aids bone health!

Antioxidants, pro-Nourishment!
Rich in antioxidants, adding amaranth to your diet could mean added protection against cancer and heart disease. An antioxidant-rich diet has also been linked to better eye health and healthy aging!

Some allergic reactions lead to uncomfortable inflammation through the
production of immunoglobulin E. Studies indicates that amaranth can slow down the body’s production of immunoglobulin E, reducing inflammation.

Amaranth has also been linked with muscle repair, better cholesterol levels, and better digestion! To get your daily dose of this ancient superfood, try out our Amaranth Muesli, a wholesome blend of organic nuts, raisins, and grains, or our delightfully nutty, delicately sweet Fig Amaranth Cookies.

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