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Travel Essentials- The Health Edit

Did someone say vacay? Dull summer months, school’s off, the pool’s too crowded and it’s too hot to step out. What do we do to kill time and have fun? That’s right fam, we travel! Exploring a new city, delving into its history, walking its streets, having some indigenous food, living its nightlife, now isn’t that what summers are for? And when travel meets health, there’s no better reason for you to pack-up and run on the fun! Keeping in mind the travel months, here are a few trips and tricks I swear by as travel essentials for the health bug in me!

Eating healthy while travelling is a task for most of us. Which is why being aware and conscious of what you consume becomes important. If a new place calls out to you to try its cuisine, don’t hold back. Jump right in a make sure you eat like the locals do! You can be guilt free while doing so, here’s how:

TIP #1 : Research well on the place you’re visiting. Say for instance if its scenic Italy that you’re in, you know for sure there’s going to be pizza on your plate. Allow yourself to enjoy that cheesy, melt-in-your-mouth pizza guilt-free! One indigenous, indulgent meal a day, would keep the calories at bay! That way you’re enjoying good food while being careful too. Win win!

TIP #2 : Besides your indulgent meals, make sure to have your daily 5’s aka 5 local fruits and/or vegetables that you’re able to get. Must get those nutrients in.

TIP #3 : Having eggs for breakfast is always a great way to fill yourself up with the right kind of protein. And for all my vegetarian friends, carrying a protein powder of your choice to mix with your breakfast smoothie would be a good idea.

TIP #4 : If eating very late, then stay clear of carbohydrates and opt for a soup and/or salad. Do watch out for soups that have cream in them and dressings that are loaded with sugar and mayonnaise. Breakfast like a prince, dinner like a pauper.

TIP #5 : Always walk around with a bottle of water in hand, so you always stay hydrated while sightseeing. Hydration is key. Take frequent fresh juice breaks and enjoy the views whilst at it.

TIP #6 : Always carry in your bag healthy roasted nuts, seed mixes and crackers which you can munch on instead of grabbing a pack of unhealthy chips or sweet snacks. Check out our range of flax seeds, health bars, cookies, tomato and herbs crackers and more to stock in your bags while travelling and snack guilt-free.

With these travel essentials in mind, you’re sure to enjoy your trip guilt-free. Who says one can’t travel and be healthy? Try it out for yourself and see. Happy and healthy travelling to you!

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