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Why to Eat Organic Food? | Nourish Organics
Over the past few decades, the demand for natural, unprocessed foods has increased significantly. The idea of substituting conventionally grown food with organic food has taken the world by storm. The demand has increased manifold as consumers are becoming increasingly aware of what they put into their bodies, and what kind of environmental impact certain food-growing practices can have. 
While a lot of people endorse a lifestyle filled with organic produce, not a lot of them are entirely sure what this entails. This begs the question, what exactly does organic mean? Let’s take a look.
What makes the food organic?
Organic food is grown in ways that do not involve the use of synthetic chemicals, which include different artificial pesticides and fertilizers. The food is grown using natural-farming methods and is thus able to retain a higher amount of nutrition which results in more vitamin-rich produce.
Why is organic food better?
Because it’s grown the way nature intended it to be!
Simply put - organic food is better than non-organic food as it is given sufficient time to naturally grow and develop. But the benefits of organic food are not just limited to plant produce. When it comes to products derived from animals like meat, dairy, or eggs, organic methods make sure that these animals aren’t given antibiotics to speed up the growth process. This leads to the end product being more natural, which makes it healthier for us!
Natural organic products have more omega-3 essential fatty acids and are devoid of genetically modified organisms. Organic grains also have lower levels of toxic metals, when compared to grains grown in conventional ways.
If you think about the taste of organic food when compared to non-organic food, there is a noticeable difference. Organic food tastes cleaner and better! When we eat organic we are tasting natural flavours that are not altered by chemicals or pesticides, making our nutritious meal even more delicious and satisfying.
How does organic food affect the environment?
Going organic also means promoting a better food system that benefits everyone, from farm to table. Natural organic products also have a lesser environmental impact than non-organic foods. Pollinator-friendly organic farms and crops preserve bees and wildlife from harmful toxins. Moreover, farmworkers and nearby communities are not exposed to harmful persistent pesticides when cultivating Organically.
The advantages of organic food are thus not limited to just eating healthy foods. Going organic means you are also being more environmentally conscious, as it leads to better soil health and the conservation of groundwater amongst many other things. Consuming organic food means one is promoting sustainable ways of using natural resources. The preservation of the natural environment is promoted as these practices use lesser energy and help reduce nitrogen run-off induced pollution. This is why it is considered one of the best ways forward for food production!
What is Certified Organic?
When a product is certified organic, it means it has passed all the checks by relevant authorities and is compliant with industry standards. Organic certification is a requirement to demonstrate a product or process has met these legal standards.
Benefits of Eating Organic
A healthy diet is a necessity in order to protect ourselves from many chronic diseases such as heart conditions, diabetes, and cancer. Eating nutritious food also helps with our mental health, as studies show that a balanced clean diet also acts as a mood booster, making the benefits of organic food incredibly diverse. Organic food consumption is also linked to improved gut health, memory, and a stronger immune system.
Nourish Organics & Organic Food
It’s becoming increasingly important to make sure we eat a nutritious and well-balanced diet. In the midst of busy schedules and lives that are consistently strained, eating healthy food is important to nourish our bodies with the required vitamins and minerals. Our aim at Nourish Organics is to cater to a growing audience that wants clean, natural, healthy food but has limited choices.
Healthy, organic, and truly natural foods are hard to come by, and a lot of what is available in the market has a plethora of flavour boosters and artificial ingredients. Crafted using natural and wholesome ingredients, our range of products has been developed keeping in mind the balance and correct quantities of vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients that we need to stay nourished.
Most of the ingredients we use are certified organic, and a lot of our products are 100% certified organic. In keeping with the brand ethos of transparency and honesty, only our certified organic products have that stamp on their packaging.
Unlike diet fads that come and go seasonally, eating organic is a lifestyle that’ll show results over time. Making clean, organic, wholesome food a part of your daily diet and minimising overly processed food or food that contains harmful chemicals will pave the way for well-rounded physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Eating healthy is not just limited to what you eat, but also how you eat it. Whether it’s waking up to a bowl of muesli, powering up with a health bar, snacking on cookies, or munching on trail mixes, we’ve got you covered!
At Nourish Organics, we truly believe that we are what we eat. People have increasingly started to recognize the importance of eating well and taking care of themselves, especially since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. There has been a sharp rise in the demand for organic food products in the Indian market, as a result of people’s greater awareness of the benefits of eating healthy. As we can see, there are innumerable benefits of organic food, which is why one should make the shift from non-organic foods to healthier alternatives. Ready to take the plunge, or in the mood to try something new?
Shop our range of breakfast cereals, health bars, cookies, snacks, and more!

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