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//Tribe story 004//
The success story of sisters Rebecca and Ariella, founders of one of Delhi’s leading Kombucha brands and members of the Nourish Tribe, is truly worth telling! After moving to Delhi 5 years ago, nutritional therapy practitioner Ariella started consulting with clients, and noticed that most of them faced issues related to their gut. She couldn’t find probiotics freely available in the market that would help with these gut issues, so instead she started giving them kombucha that she made herself! Her clients would come back and ask for more kombucha, so she started experimenting with flavours and recipes. And that’s how Atmosphere Kombucha was born! Ariella and her sister Rebecca combined their heads in June 2018 to create the brand and build it up to what it is today- a health food company with a focus on fermented foods that are good for the gut!
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