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Meet our founder, Seema Jindal Jajodia, a health & fitness driven woman who started this company with the intention of providing easy & ready to eat healthy solutions for the busy on-the-go urban consumer. With a close family member battling cancer, Seema was asked to find organic foods for safer eating. The importance of going preservative-free & chemical-free was higher than ever, and in 2008, there were truly no such options in India. This, along with her love for cooking, drove Seema to give birth to Nourish Organics.

Seema is the perfect amalgamation of the Nourish Organics brand through her consistent strive to live a fit, healthy & fulfilled life. She’s a certified health coach, an avid trekker, biker, & runner while also staying close to her spiritual side through daily meditation & yoga practices as well as her love for art and canvas painting. Overall, she embodies Nourish Organics every step of her way, and truly puts this exact same soul and love into creating each well-considered, tasteful & health-filled Nourish Organic product.

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