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5 benefits of protein bars for every fitness enthusiastic should know

What’s yummy, healthy, easy to snack on, and even easier to carry around? That’s right, it’s our range of health bars! Over the years, there’s been an increase in awareness about the importance of working out and living a healthy lifestyle focused on wholesome nutrition. These bars make for the best addition to your daily routine; providing you with a pre or post-workout snack, a solution to your on-the-go hunger cravings, and a pick-me-up when your energy levels are dipping. They’re flavourful, packed with nutrition, and deliciously wholesome, but those aren’t the only reasons we love health bars!

Here are five reasons why protein bars are here to stay (and slay)

#1 Healthy snacking for every mood

In the midst of our busy lives and hectic schedules, it is often easy to pick up the closest thing you can find and nibble on it. More often than not, we mindlessly consume unhealthy snacks, as finding healthy snacks seems difficult and time-consuming. Protein bars are the best remedy to this; they’re both good for our health & yummy to eat! One of the most important macronutrients for the human body, protein supports a number of functions. Protein helps ward off infections and illnesses and is a crucial part of a healthy diet. A protein bar can provide the nutrition your body needs on days when you’re in a rush and want something tasty on the go. You can manage to reap the goodness of a well-balanced diet by eating protein and fibre-rich protein bars, as they contain a number of essential vitamins and minerals. These bars seamlessly integrate into your regular routine and provide the flavour-burst one needs when looking to find something to munch on.

#2 Weight loss at a low cost

The benefits of protein bars aren’t just limited to the added nutritional value. Protein bars for weight loss is a trend that is here to stay! Getting in shape has never been easier and tastier. Protein bars are excellent if one wants to shed a few kilos as they aid in weight loss in a number of different ways. Protein bars reduce hunger pangs and keep you full for longer, keeping you away from high-fat junk food and other unhealthy alternatives (say goodbye to guild-laden chips!). A protein bar is great for your metabolism and helps in losing weight quickly. The benefits of protein are incredible, as protein has a positive effect on metabolism, can burn calories, and reduces appetite. Now snacking need not be guilt-inducing and harrowing - it can be the fun indulgence we always wanted it to be!

#3 Workout fuel to feel renewed

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts require significantly more protein and energy than others. They can get the much-needed boost of energy they need right before or after a workout by eating protein bars. Before a workout, these help boost performance, thus leading to greater fitness levels over time.  Pre-workout protein should be small enough to not weigh you down while exercising, but large enough to provide energy and endurance. Post-workout protein aids in the repair and recovery of damaged muscles and provides an influx of energy after you've worked out and need to rest. The nutritional value of a protein bar is ideal for building muscle. When one is working out, finding the ideal energy booster before or after is very difficult, as there are very few options that work as well as a protein bar. A protein bar is like a tasty health capsule that can be had at any time and in any place!

#4 An instant energy booster

​​A high source of energy, protein is essential for keeping our levels up and increasing our stamina. You can reap the incredible health benefits of a protein bar even if you aren't a fitness enthusiast! One of the best health benefits of protein bars is that they are quick to provide the requisite energy one needs to be able to carry out even regular daily tasks. You’re able to perform every task better when you’re filled with energy - this helps one perform better at work and in any other activity as well. You’re able to focus better, think clearer, and aren’t constantly distracted by hunger pangs on busy days!

#5 Pocket-sized delights

Protein bars are ready-to-eat treats! There is nothing more convenient than carrying a protein bar. These fuss-free snacks can be carried with ease; they slip right into a bag or even your pocket! You no longer need to make elaborate meals to get your intake of nutritious food. This helps save time and maximise what one can do in a day! Protein bars also require no additional tools to eat them, making them the ideal snack to carry wherever you go. So many alternative protein products like protein shakes have to be stored at the right temperature and are tedious to carry during hectic schedules. While snacking, people look to get quick and yummy bites to satisfy their cravings - and our protein bars are simply delicious!

Nourish Organics’ protein bars come in a variety of flavours and are wheat-free with zero trans fat. They’re made with wholesome, natural ingredients that are packed with plant protein, fibre, vitamins, and other essential nutrients. Pick your favourite amongst Banana Nut, Coconut Lime, Apple Cinnamon, Vanilla Nut, and Choco Nut (or don’t, because you truly can have them all!) and raise the bar for snack time!

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