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Is Choosing Organic Food Beneficial For Your Child?

YES! Organic food is the way to go!

In order to ensure that our loved ones are properly cared for, it is incredibly important to make sure that they’re being given nutritious and healthy food.

Globally, parents are realizing the importance of feeding their children organic food. This is not just a fad, but a conscious lifestyle choice that is here to stay. Going organic is now considered a way of life, and inculcating these habits into your children’s diet from a young age is considered beneficial for a number of reasons. It has never been easier to give your children clean and nutritious food!

Your child's overall growth, as well as their perception of food will undoubtedly be affected by the quality of foods one gives them during the crucial stages in their development. Organic foods are produced, handled, and processed in accordance with stringent guidelines. Organically grown foods are subject to several regulations regarding things like the growing methods and the use of preservatives. Organic food does not contain genetically modified ingredients, pesticides, or synthetic fertilisers. Antibiotics and growth hormones are not given to animals that are bred for organic meat, eggs, or dairy.

Kids are more susceptible to the negative effects of chemical and synthetic additives, so eating foods made with organic ingredients is especially good for them. Younger children have different nutritional requirements; organic foods are a great source of antioxidants, and they are also devoid of harmful chemicals.

Children's health can be negatively impacted by prolonged exposure to food-based chemicals and hormones, whether in low or high concentrations. Pesticides are also less likely to enter the bodies of children who consume organic food.

Non-organic meats frequently contain hormones and other endocrine disruptors, such as estrogen, to accelerate the animal's growth. Children who have been exposed to these synthetic hormones and chemicals may begin puberty earlier, and their health can be impacted in many different ways. This could also hinder their normal development and growth. The absence of synthetic or artificial ingredients in organic food greatly reduces the risk of illness.

Start ‘em young!

It’s hard to break bad habits, but the same holds true for good habits. Setting the tone for your children from a young age is imperative. When children grow up exposed to particular food habits, they imbibe the thought process long-term as well. While we can't prevent their exposure to environmental toxins altogether, we can control what they eat! With different environmental hazards on the rise, it is necessary to do whatever we can to develop a strong immune system for our children.

When faced with the decision of what to eat, children who are exposed to clean and green practices from an early age are more likely to choose organic options. These children grow up making better food choices, and have better functioning internal systems! Younger children may or may not realise the difference between organic and non-organic foods, however, there is no reason why they shouldn’t be consuming organic anyway. We can teach our children to like and appreciate non-altered flavours by feeding them goodness; organic foods are cleaner and taste better.

Organic food practices are also much better for the environment. As we care for the next generation, we must also keep in mind the kind of ecosystem they will grow up in. When it comes to the production of food, organic farming is generally regarded as a much more environmentally friendly option. With fewer pesticides being used, biodiversity is increased, soil quality is improved, and fertiliser or pesticide runoff pollution is reduced. This makes for a happier ecosystem all around.


Wholesome organic foods are here to save the day! When children are given healthy and nutritious meals, we see a rise in their levels of energy as well as improved mental health. They’re filled with the requisite energy they need to juggle everything from their homework to their extra-curricular activities! Essential for preventing chronic diseases, a balanced diet is now more than ever the need of the hour. With fast food consumption on the rise, it is important to offset the occasional junk food with healthier foods on the regular.


Introducing healthier alternatives to chips and other unhealthy snacks has never been more convenient, we now have a plethora of organic options which are sumptuous! School lunches and snack time no longer have to be guilt-inducing for the parents.

There are several ready-to-eat options that can be included in the child's daily regimen, so as to ensure they’re making good choices even when they’re on the go. Till a few years ago, finding organic options was often tedious for parents in the midst of their busy work schedules, as these were not always convenient to find. However, today these options exist everywhere and can be ordered with ease - say goodbye to unhealthy foods!

In order to get your child interested in the process of food selection, an interesting thing many parents do is to involve the children when they’re grocery shopping. The next time you go to the grocery store, make sure to show your children the assortment of organic snacks stacked together on the shelves!

Nourish Organics’ range is not only filled with natural goodness but also has several delicious options that your kids will actually enjoy eating! Many of our products are certified organic, while the rest use ingredients that are organically grown without pesticides.

Stock up now on pantry essentials to ensure better health for you and your family!

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