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//Tribe story 002//

Meet Raman Lal. A Bansuri Wala from a nearby village, Raman Lal was found selling his colourful flutes in a secluded colony lane. It wasn’t a buzzing market full of potential customers, but a spot inside a tiny, green neighbourhood, near a construction site. The soft melodious tunes from his Bansuri brought blissful peace to the whole space; from the construction workers to every passer by, crossing Raman meant instant upliftment.

It almost seemed as though he was there for his own sanctity, with which he secured the sanctity of the entire neighbourhood.

Raman Lal joined our tribe this same day, by agreeing to participate at the Get Nourished Festival! So here he is, at GNF, radiating nourishing vibes ☀️🎶

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